White Ant Inspection


So you’ve found termites!

Don’t disturb them or you could pay through the nose.

Termites or white ants are sneaky and so can some of the people involved in the construction of your home.

So, sadly termites are often the result of the do it yourself movement, or even Your Architect or Tradesman that have neglected something during construction, or modification of your property.

If you give a termite a millimetre she can and will strip you of everything if left unchecked. And there is no insurance. So Love your partner and remember the real enemy.

Here in Perth three out of five homes is affected by termites every ten years.

Now, to obtain the best termite or white ants inspection services and get the best results fast every time, contact Chris Tucker, an application technician and termite inspector and fully licensed by the Western Australian Department of Health since 1992,

Standards Australia and virtually all Australian Health Departments, as well as the Australian Building Code all recommend at least an annual inspection by a licensed and competent person for the presence of timber pests, and for homes with history, as frequent as three months.

Termite or white ant Inspection and monitoring are the key to the efficacy of any future treatment and control methods. So always inspect annually and get the termites spot treated by a skilled applicator first time and always check later.

This buys you at least three months if not 2000 years to think about what you are going to do next.

Use the termites you have like a trogon horse and don’t disturb them yourself,

For every 1000 subterranean termites above the ground, there could be 59.000 below and they are all going to get a piece of your house in their mouths very soon.

Get an arsenic- trioxide treatment. It’s an oral and not a dermal poison for termites, so they spread it around and lick it off. They also consume their own dead so they get a gut full again and die till they’re all dead.

If you know what you are doing, you can kill the termite colony in one hit forever.

But don’t forget to check!

Termites will spend 50.000 years trying to get to the wood in your house and eventually they will.

Arsenic trioxide is absolutely excellent if applied by a skilled and licensed operator and it is safe, has very low impact and can proof for 2000 years at that location. And it’s beyond cheap.

Note: I bought my tin of arsenic dust in 1992 and it’s still half full.

When you’re using arsenic tri-oxide, you can see it if you’re using too much.

Also the breakdown of bifenthrin and chlorpyrifos pre-treatments and external perimeter barriers in the case of concrete floored dwellings which strangely pose the highest risk in Perth when compared to timber floored dwellings partly due to complacency, but you can treat a timber floor dwelling over and over again unlike a concrete floor which you can only treat once just before the concrete is poured.

That’s right! Concrete floored dwellings have the highest risk and incidence of damage by termite activity here in Perth and the damage is often worse because of the use of some very susceptible hardwood and softwood in construction as well as piss poor concrete floor construction moving forward.

So you should choose a good termite man now. You can’t learn how to be a good termite man at a desk but sadly by your own as well as other people’s mistakes. And over nearly 30 years I’ve seen plenty.

So if I wasn’t a termite man, I would look for a small, hopefully owner operated business, one who cares about his company’s good name and has been around a long time.

Crawling on the ground under people’s houses and roofs spraying chemicals to stop termites is always done better by the sole operators who know how to use the best chemicals and watch, and the same bloke comes back if you support your local guy.

Look for your local pest man now before you need them, If you own a home in WA or you should sell it now and rent it back later for if you fail to plan or check for termites in Western Australia they can do you big-time.

So if you own a home or are buying one, you need a good termite inspector. A sad and interesting fact of life – If you can’t beat them, join them. That’s why I became a termite inspector in 1992.

Termites may be girls but they are not sissies when it comes to destroying your stuff, walls or rafters, or cause of the death of your favourite tree or shrub, or stop your house from selling.. Now that’s crap.

So, independent Pre Purchase Pest Inspections, colony control, followed by appropriate chemical proofing and regular timber pest inspections are the key to successful property ownership across Australia, Europe and in fact every continent.

Arsenic trioxide is excellent. Don’t stuff around, always try and use it first. Then watch and think.

Don’t rush into anything.

Yours Sincerely

Chris Tucker pHD2477

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